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Join other industry leaders and accelerate digital transformation with KUBE 365, the trusted BPA software solution.

The complete platform for all your business processes

KUBE 365 offers a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use features, including workflow automation, configurable forms, real-time reporting, and more, all within a single, integrated platform.

Build configurable forms with ease

With KUBE 365 low-code capabilities, easily create and configure a variety of forms to meet your business needs.
  • Low-code Form Designer

    Design responsive forms effortlessly with drag-and-drop and access to 20+ field types.

  • Connected Forms

    Link forms for seamless data exchange and streamlined business processes.

Digital transformation within minutes

With KUBE 365 no-code designers, give your business the operational advantage with speedier and streamlined workflow management.
  • Intelligent Rules

    Eliminate manual decision-making with dynamic workflow routing and task assignment based on your unique business context.

  • Dynamic Approval Processes

    Design flexible workflows with sequential or parallel stages that adapts to your business needs.

Be in control of your business processes

KUBE 365 empowers you to stay informed by enabling you to monitor pending tasks, approval history, track SLAs, and generate reports to make data-driven decisions.

Your digital transformation partner

At KUBE 365, our core focus is on helping businesses to accelerate digital transformation. We engineered KUBE 365 to be a comprehensive BPA platform, mission-built to accelerate time to market, adapt to evolving business scenarios, and empower citizen developers.

Industries we empower

Banking & Finance

Improved compliance, increased efficiency and accuracy


Streamlined operations, reduced processing times, improved communications


Standardized processes, improved efficiency, and enhanced productivity


Improved compliance, increased efficiency, and enhanced accuracy

Oil & Gas

Increased efficiency, optimized asset management, enhanced productivity

Energy & Utilities

Improved service delivery, enhanced customer satisfaction

Departments we automate

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