Agricultural Company Improves Operations with BPA


A leading agricultural company has offices located in multiple countries regionally and a global workforce exceeding 10,000 employees.

The company is a leader in the use of digital technology to improve operations and business processes. After many years of building and maintaining over 100 business applications on various platforms, including Lotus Notes, the company began to look for a new platform. Having evaluated many platforms, the company chose the KUBE 365 Business Process Automation platform.


The company wanted the platform to be able to address the following key challenges.

Legacy systems​

With over 100 business applications running on multiple legacy systems, the company needed expertise to manage diverse technology platforms. This was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain. The systems' incompatibility with modern browsers and inability to keep up with user demands for digitization made the system increasingly cumbersome to use.

Manual tasks​

The current systems required regular human intervention to update configuration when employees change roles or when business reference data change. Some of these changes required code changes involving specific skillsets that required vendors to update and enhance. This added to delays and cost overruns.


The company worked with KUBE 365 Consulting Services to design and deploy an enterprise BPA (business process automation) solution built on the KUBE 365 Business Process Automation platform.

No-code low-code

KUBE 365's no-code low-code features made it possible for the team to rebuild legacy processes quickly and easily. This gave them the opportunity to focus on more strategic tasks, such as streamlining and automating business processes to improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Intelligent processes

With the combination of user profiles, decision rules, and multilingual features, the team was able to streamline and transform legacy business processes into context-aware business processes. This enabled processes to dynamically respond to users' preferred language and submission context.

Advanced task management

With advanced task management capabilities, users were given the flexibility to manage day-to-day tasks. Given the ability to reassign tasks, escalate issues, and delegate tasks to others when they were out of the office, users were empowered to respond to a wide range of scenarios and processes independently.

Always connected

KUBE 365's business decision matrix allowed the team to design unified and trusted master data tables. With master data integrated with enterprise systems, such as AD, Human resources system, SAP, and Service desk system, reference data and task assignments were always up-to-date and accurate, eliminating delays and human error.


KUBE 365 intuitive no-code low-code designers and ready-to-use features made it possible for the company to adopt an agile delivery approach to migrate, modernise, and launch 100+ processes across 18 months. With the company's digital transformation team up-skilled with KUBE 365 administrative capabilities, the company was able to reduce reliance on vendors and gain greater control over its processes.

After successfully launching KUBE 365, the company is now equipped with the knowledge and skills to digitalise even more processes. The company also plans to use KUBE 365 to consolidate applications and systems on to KUBE, which will further improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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