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Our Business Process Automation platform helps you create, approve, and access your work from any device, anywhere.

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Achieve operational excellence

Drive operational excellence with KUBE 365 business process automation solution, equipped with a suite of ready-to-use features.
  • Effortlessly monitor your submissions from a personalized dashboard.
  • Easily create new submissions, search through past submissions, and seamless approve tasks.
  • Enhance accountability with built-in e-Sign, and introduce convenience through Actionable Messages for Outlook.

Comprehensive task management

Streamline your business operations with KUBE 365's comprehensive task management capabilities.

  • Stay on track with SLA Tracking and automated Task Escalation, assisting you in keeping tasks completed within defined timelines.
  • Manage exceptions through features like task reassignment, task delegation, workflow recall, and cancellation, enabling you to handle unexpected situations with ease.
use of the system of different devices
the usage report dashboard

Unlock valuable insights

Empower your organization with real-time data and actionable reports, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your processes.

  • Make informed decisions with submission reports and data exports.
  • Review utilization data and optimize operations with usage reports.

Make Work Work For You

Digitalize your business with KUBE 365 today.