Bank Reduces Credit Card Application Processing Time


This case study shows how a bank was seeking a BPA platform that could handle a high volume of applications and was easy to modify to cater for changing business needs, and ultimately reduce credit card approval time. Explore how a bank with offices located throughout the country, and a workforce exceeding 10,000 employees used KUBE 365 to digitize its processes.

Paper-based processes & Long Processing Time

Client was struggling with the high volume of physical documents they were receiving. The documents were taking up a significant amount of warehouse space and storage costs, and manual data entry and processes were resulting in long credit card approval time.

Sales application repository

The Client was using a legacy system which was difficult to use and maintain, and it did not provide a central repository for storing supporting documents and tracking decisions and inputs from members of the processing team.


The company worked with KUBE 365 Consulting Services to design and deploy a Credit Card Sales Management solution built on the KUBE 365 Business Process Automation platform.

Digital sales system

With KUBE 365, client was able to establish a centralized repository for card sales. This made it easier for the company to keep track of card sales data, approval decisions, and improve their task management processes. Resulting in improved credit card approval time.

High volume architecture

By understanding the client's long-term needs, we designed a suitable architecture to handle high-volume submissions and store a large number of attachments. This architecture empowered the client to process their submissions quickly and efficiently, allowing their sales team to focus on acquiring more leads.

Integration and API

Using KUBE integration and API capabilities, the Digital sales system acts as the centralized application processing platform across the client's sales channels. This enables the client to have a unified view of their sales data and provides the agility and flexibility to meet their business needs.

No-code low-code

With KUBE 365's intuitive no-code and low-code features, the client was trained to independently administer the system. This empowers clients with the agility and efficiency to adapt to evolving business requirements.


The successful partnership between KUBE 365 Consulting Services and the client has led to the development of an impactful Digital sales system that optimizes credit card approval time, enhances customer service, and lays the foundation for ongoing digitalization initiatives.

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