What is Low-Code BPA (Business Process Automation)?

Amidst the surge in LCAP (Low-Code Application Development Platform) adoption, Low-Code BPA has gained significant traction, emerging as a leading choice in the digital transformation toolkit, aligning with digital transformation trends such as hyperautomation and composability. Let’s explore how Low-Code BPA drives efficiency and innovation within organizations.

The Surge of LCAP

As organizations confront a wider array of digitalisation challenges, generic LCAP often fall short. While these platforms offer an open canvas, aimed at addressing a broad set of requirements, they may lack sophisticated capabilities out-of-the-box. This deficiency often requires add-ons or customization to address specific needs, which can prolong implementation timelines and require specialized expertise to manage effectively.

For instance, in the context of business processes, enterprise organizations may require advanced workflow routing, advanced workflow decisioning, and comprehensive tracking mechanisms. In such cases, customizations may be necessary to ensure the platform aligns with the organization’s unique requirements and operational workflows.

The Fusion of LCAP and BPA

Low-Code BPA’s primary objective is to expedite process digitalisation. By integrating low-code flexibility with purpose-built BPA capabilities within a single platform, it overcomes the constraints often encountered with generic LCAPs. This provides businesses with a comprehensive platform, accelerating organizations’ digital transformation efforts in simplifying processes and streamlining operations.

Low-Code BPA

Low-Code BPA platforms come ready-to-use, requiring only knowledge of process digitalisation. For instance, a financial institution utilized KUBE 365 to digitalise hundreds of approvals from branch to headquarters within a year. This led to quicker processing turn-around-times, increased efficiency, and better customer satisfaction. These real-world successes underscore the tangible advantages of this approach, enabling organizations to empower non-IT staff to digitalise more, and deploy faster.

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